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Story of InnerSynastry

Personal transformation using planet sounds

For lack of better words, I might refer to InnerSynastry as “sound healing.” It’s a quick and easy way to describe it as more and more people are becoming familiar with therapeutic benefits of sound. So the next question people ask is, how did you learn how to do it?

Honestly—it’s a mystery. While I often grow leaps and bounds with each sound session I give, overall it has seemed more like a process of uncovering what’s already inside of me rather than learning.

But there is a story to it.

It’s hard to say exactly when it started, and you’ll read a bit of the backstory throughout this article, but I’ll begin first with the image I received. The weekend of December 16, 2017 I took a couple days off from my gardening business to rest. I meditated off and on for most of the weekend, and at one point I had a visual that caught my attention. In my mind, I saw something similar to a webpage that I have looked at in the past. The website has several different sleep sounds, such as crickets, ocean waves, and a babbling creek, and volume controls for each of them, so that you can play them simultaneously at differing volumes. Except in my visual, the selections weren’t sleep sounds, they were planet sounds.

By that time, I had been listening to the sounds of the planets for several months. Astrology had been on my brain even more than usual that summer because of the Great American Eclipse in August of 2017—the one that was visible across the entire United States and many people traveled to view it. I was doing a lot of research about eclipses because I was strongly impacted by this one, which I knew by studying where in the sky the eclipse would land in relation to where the planets were when I was born.

That summer I was also meeting up regularly with a friend who is a long-time professional astrologer, and we would spend hours on the back porch overlooking my farm, eating garden food and talking about astrology. She happened to mention in passing that the sounds for the planets are on YouTube. She was actually referring to NASA recordings, but when I looked them up myself, I came across videos of sounds that musicians had created, replicating the energy of the planets. They used a mathematical equation based on the orbit of the planets to determine the sounds of each of them.

Since I’m not a mathematician or a musician, I did not immediately realize how the musicians produced them. But I did know right off the bat that there was something to this. The first sound I listened to was Mercury.

Mercury. Image processing by R. Nunes,, via Wikimedia Commons

I put the headphones on, and immediately I got a download of information about how Mercury would manifest differently for many of us post-eclipse. It was such an intense rush of information, I was like, “Woah.” I could only listen to the sound for about five minutes. So I took off the headphones and decided to return to it all later when I had less going on in my life and could digest all the insights.

Over the next few months, I would occasionally turn on the sounds of the other planets. It was very clear to me that the feelings I had while playing each of the sounds were associated with the planet I was listening to. To explain—when I’m reading an astrology book about a planet, or when I’m looking at a birth chart and doing an astrology reading, or when I’m around someone with a particularly strong planetary influence, I’ll actually feel the energy that is associated with the planet. So for instance when I’m around Sagittarians, which is linked to Jupiter, I’ll often feel excited because Jupiter energy is very expansive. When I’m around a lot of Neptune energy, I’ll feel dreamy or sometimes fatigue, because that’s how Neptune affects me. When I’m around Uranus, I’ll be charged and inspired—there’s a feeling of something being unlocked and re-structured. As I listened to each of the planet sounds, I experienced sensations similar to these. So I was, needless to say, very intrigued with the sounds.

Throughout this six-month period, I was also receiving a lot of insights about some changes to astrology that would happen post-eclipse. I’m starting to write about these insights on the InnerSynastry website, so you can look there to read more, but the gist is that we can combine the energies that are complementary opposites to find balance. While astrology has typically concentrated on the challenges and hardships created when opposing energies clash, this new form of astrology would assist in the blending of these energies, so that we experience Inner Union.

That day in middle of December 2017 when I received the visual that I could play the planet sounds in combination, I had decided to take the weekend to rest because I was preparing myself for a group circle led by a local healer. I normally avoid group healing because I can feel discombobulated in group sessions. It’s complicated to explain why, and I hope to go more into it in future InnerSynastry blog posts. In short, I have experiences that make it seem as if there’s a part of me that wants to heal everything it crosses. So it’s hard for me to stay grounded in my own center in groups. But my empathic disposition was challenging me so much that month that I was ready to try just about anything. To make sure I got the most I could out of the group circle and be very centered, I decided to meditate most the weekend. That’s when I saw the image of playing the planet sounds in combination.

People always wonder what it’s like to receive “downloads” from the universe. I usually get them as essays. Because I’m a writer, I experience the subconscious through words. But this insight about the planet sounds was different in that I actually saw a visual.

By that time, I had spent many years fine-tuning my intuition and I was getting a lot better at knowing when to act on my creative inspiration. I’m a professional gardener, and to be a good gardener, intuition is key. The visual for the planet sounds was so simple and unobtrusive, I could have easily ignored it. But just as I know to listen to the internal nudges when the greenhouse needs my attention, I somehow knew to listen to this one.

After I saw the image, I opened my laptop and pulled up several different web browsers with videos of various planet sounds. I played two or three of them at the same time, adjusting the volumes as needed. I focused on combinations that are opposites: Neptune and Mercury…Uranus and Saturn…Venus and Mars.

Saturn North Polar Vortex. PD-US via Wikimedia.

The effect was similar to the calm you receive when you meditate, but I experienced it more quickly and more deeply and it lasted longer. I basically listened until I felt a sense of peace, centeredness and acute awareness, and then I would take a break and return to it later.

When I did go to the group healing circle at the end of the weekend, I had a nice experience—a deep internal journey with lots of significant visuals about my life path and relationships. And while I was certainly affected by what others in the group were going through, I was able to stay in my own center for once.

After that weekend, I was really excited about this potential new healing modality—the insight seemed to be that I would play these sounds to help others. I was super energized to do so, although I wasn’t quite sure when to start. So I paid attention to any signs from the universe, and then when prompted I would break out of my comfort zone and talk to people who I thought might be interested.

The response was pretty immediate, particularly from sound healers. Some people are intuitively drawn to new healing modalities that create harmony, that could bring the Earth to a higher place. They seemed to think that InnerSynastry does this.

And also—I was getting interest from people who are not typically into holistic healing. I tend to be surrounded by a decent amount of practical, skeptical people since I’m a fairly grounded person. Even though some unusual things come out my mouth sometimes, these skeptical people trust me. They admire the life that I have built for myself and the skills I have gained, so were open to trying out something I was offering.

When they experienced the sound, they were just as intrigued as me. There’s something about sound—nearly universally people intuitively recognize the power of it. They are comfortable in the mystery of it, so are open to it helping them.

In giving sessions, I quickly found that creating a peaceful experience for others is not as simple as playing sounds that are complementary opposites. Each person experiences planet sounds differently depending on the energy of the day they were born, as well as how the current day’s energies are affecting them. While I can determine what energies may be out of balance by studying their natal chart as well as dates of major traumas, I can’t know for sure until we sit down and feel the energies together. In session I’m constantly using intuitive guidance to know how to adjust the sounds.

I also found there are two types of participants. Some just want to listen to the sounds to have an interesting experience. But then there are others who are really ready to do the work—who aren’t messing around because they’re tired of dealing with the same old lessons over and over again. If these participants not only regularly have sound sessions, but also try to understand the advice that astrology has to offer them—and then go and implement that in their life—they have an opportunity to really grow. It could be a potentially powerful experience. While that enthused me, it also prompted me to proceed with a bit of caution.

Meanwhile, as I gave sound sessions for the next year, I was growing tremendously. The deep connection I feel with people while in session goes way beyond the typical social setting.

There’s a sense that the client and I make a lot of progress in a small amount of time. For the hour or so we are in session, time is timeless. You really start to see that the way we perceive time is an illusion. Yet when people leave the session, it seems like the effects take hold in just the amounts that they were ready for at that moment. If they were combining InnerSynastry with other healing modalities, then the work could go quite deep, and the transformation could be immediate. But if they were quite tied to the way that their reality was at that moment, then the effects would be more gradual.

While InnerSynastry can be done in a group setting, I decided for now to mainly focus on one-on-one sessions—particularly with clients who are in fairly good health but are still looking for some deep internal change. It works best if they return for a session at least once a month, possibly for about a year, although each client is very different. I’m also starting to work alongside open-minded licensed therapists so we can help clients make substantial change by dovetailing their traditional talk therapy with my sound sessions.

In putting this work out into the world, I’m feeling a lot of mixed emotions. I am so fascinated with the planet sounds and with how this modality is evolving, that I am super excited to share InnerSynastry with the world. That said, I am deeply honored that the universe has gifted me with this modality, and trusts me with it. Therefore, I am very protective of it. I want to honor it appropriately, so am being very intentional about how I present it.

First, I’ve made a commitment to make sure I am reaching all types of audiences. I’m seeking clients for InnerSynastry who are not just adept to the unseen realms, but also striving to be successful in the material world. Until our physical reality mirrors the purity that is possible in our inner realm, then so many of us who demand this purity have to stay in hiding in our own little self-created worlds. I’m envisioning a collective reality where the kindest among us are the most successful. I believe InnerSynastry is one tool to help get us to that place

I also want to make sure I’m reaching skeptics. If that’s you—you should know that I often am more surprised than my clients that this actually works. I’m a fairly logical person, maybe even more so than an intuitive one. The only reason why I am open minded enough to explore modalities such as these is because I’ve had many experiences that have taught me that there is something much more to the world than meets the eye, and science just hasn’t quite caught up. That said—I’m looking into researching this modality, at the very least via documenting case studies, as long as the research process doesn’t compromise the modality, which I think is a possibility since current scientific research doesn’t always capture the complexity of reality adequately.

I also have some questions. Is InnerSynastry a talent that is unique to me, or would other healers be able to learn this modality?

We all have our unique gifts, and I believe that there’s many of us with an unusual ability related to healing, particularly those born between the years of 1952 and 1989. That’s because many of us born at that time had a planetary aspect—Uranus opposite to Chiron—that reflects how we underwent some kind of event early on in our lives that can eventually manifest in a unique ability in the healing arena. That’s especially important for Virgos since Chiron is linked to Virgo. This ability doesn’t have to be as a formal professional healer, but there is something different about us, and once we uncover that, understand it, and come to terms with it, we can help others. I think that’s starting to happen more and more now with Uranus moving into Taurus, because that’s where Chiron was when those of us who are now in their mid to late 30s or early 40s were born.

Uranus. PD-US via Wikimedia.

I think that with every step I took in life, I was unconsciously uncovering the ability to work with planet energies. I am so comfortable with this modality, that it’s like I’ve been doing it for a very long time. It doesn’t make much logical sense how I know how to do InnerSynastry—but it works. I don’t feel like it comes specifically from my consciousnesses. I’m so connected to those who surround me that I can identify several people in my circle who contributed to my intuitive knowing of how to do InnerSynastry.

I explain all that because in putting InnerSynastry out there to the world, I’m sure people are going to be tempted to experiment with the planet sounds on their own. They should be aware that at this point, this modality is so new, that we just don’t know what will happen if others try it on their own. I suggest you contact me first so we can talk about it, and possibly go through an evaluation and training.

Most likely, nothing major will happen if you try this on your own because our egos put up blocks until we are really ready for the transformation. But for those of you who have a strong Pluto influence or a strong Scorpio, you could have a drive that could propel growth before your human self is really ready for it. And you need to make sure that this drive is very “clean”—from the purest part of yourself.

As I’ve developed this modality, I’ve been very discerning. I’m careful about who I take on as clients and screen all participants beforehand to make sure this modality is a good fit for them. I am also very sensitive about my clients moving too quickly before they are ready. We go through several steps at the start of the session to make sure we achieve the right pace.

It certainly is a nice idea that I would be able to teach people how to do this one day. But I want to be clear that my life unfolded very uniquely for me to be able to do this work.

I’ll give you a brief synopsis of that right now and hopefully go into more detail in the future.

I’ve known I had a lot of access to the subconscious for almost 15 years now, and it was at first quite overwhelming to me, and especially to others around me. I was given some very significant lessons early on that exposed the power of the subconscious. That propelled me to get an immense amount of control over it, and that was hard because I wasn’t even sure what “it” was.

At first, I suppressed most of my channeling abilities and went about a very grounded life. About 2011, I started re-arranging my daily activities so I could open myself to it again. It was important to me that I did so because I knew that I would never be the writer that I wanted to become without access to all that is out there in the unseen realms that I inherently am in touch with.

These next seven years were very important, although I didn't realize it at the time. I was improving my health, creating a lifestyle that was suited for my unique disposition, and getting to know myself on a very deep level, all the while building a business with an extremely high standard of ethics and pure vision. The business revolved around a small farm, and by a farm’s very nature, I was required to develop all sides of myself because so many varied tasks are required but there’s not a lot of income to hire others to do them. Because I was working with plants, all with their profound presence and power in the subconscious, I also was continually developing my intuition. It sounds like a very active time in my life, and certainly a lot happened, but in fact I was resting a lot and succumbing to quite a bit of alone time, being okay with the business growing slowly-but-surely if it was also improving my life and health.

This rest time allowed me to really open to the highest parts of myself. I think it’s quite telling that all of this was going on during a Neptune in Pisces transit. One of my biggest life lessons is to refine my expression of Pisces, which is our subconscious connection to others and to divinity. That lesson became especially important since Neptune has been in its home sign of Pisces since 2011. That means that Piscean energy has been quite strong for all of us, and will continue to be until 2026.

Neptune. PD-US via Wikimedia.

I didn’t start to fully see my goals fruit in quite the way I wished until I was not only connected to the dreamy reality of Pisces, but also to the grounded collective reality that is most often associated with Capricorn. There was no cookie cutter template for the business I was building. I had to listen to my intuition every step of the way, and I had to make sure the insight was grounded in the current reality or it wouldn’t be successful. But I also needed to not let go of the grand vision, no matter how perfect or unrealistic it felt at the given time.

Meanwhile, I was dependent on the help of volunteers and open-minded customers, so I needed to be very mindful of other people’s needs. At the same time, I had to constantly watch my own boundaries so that the goals of my own life and business stayed at the forefront. I had to learn to walk an extremely fine line, and understand where my self ended and others began. Balance was paramount.

Only when I figured out how to blend my reality with my customers’ realities in a way that everyone felt satisfied—through lots of lessons in the School of Hard Knocks—was I given the guidance on how to do InnerSynastry.

The end point is—while InnerSynastry feels simple while we are in session, there’s actually a lot of complexity to it. It entails carrying an inner sense of harmony, as well as tremendous respect for where others are on their journeys, as none of ours are the same.

While I like the idea of others playing planet sound combinations on themselves or on others, I just ask you to make sure you’re not acting on an impulse, but looking deeper into what’s truly going to give you balance, peace and satisfaction. Usually we need a healing partner who is already in this place of balance to help us get us there. I highly recommend you try a session with me first.

As much as I am intrigued and excited by InnerSynastry, I don’t want to make any grand claims that it is some kind of panacea and is going to solve everyone’s problems. In fact, the key to making it work is you, and your commitment to your health and inner journey. While I may use the words “sound healing” as a shortcut to explain a complex and unusual practice in a brief way, in all actuality, I try to avoid the word “healing.” I don’t like to consider myself a healer -- I’m merely the facilitator. Ultimately it is up to you to truly desire inner alignment, to accept and embrace the transformation, and to maintain the balance in your day-to-day life.

If you made it to the end of this blog post, then you’re obviously curious about it, so my advice is, give it a try, the interesting experience itself is worth the cost of the initial sessions. After you’ve completed the introductory three, we can explore whether or not this modality is the right fit for a longer period of time.

You can book at the Sessions page on the InnerSynastry website, or feel free to send questions to me on the Contact section at the bottom of the Home Page.

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