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Innersynastry participants
   describe their experiences

We ask participants to honestly and straightforwardly describe their experiences — How they felt before, during, and after their sessions. Our intention is to help you evaluate whether or not InnerSynastry is a fit for you. We'll also be able to gauge suitability when we look at the questionnaire that you fill out prior to your first session. Results of InnerSynastry sessions vary widely based on participants' disposition as well as the astrological transits they are currently experiencing.

"I've had two sound sessions with Megan—an individual session and a group session. In both I felt deeply calm and grounded. I entered a deep meditative state that I don't tend to achieve on my own. My mind chatter subsided and I was able to 'just be'." ~Heather, Yoga Instructor, Writer, Medium

I came to this method with a pretty analytical mind. I’m trained as a medical professional and like to think that the scientific method is a good approach to reality. I must say that with the InnerSynastry method, I learned to suspend my analytical mind and just feel, leaving the thinking for after the session. What I felt with the different frequency sounds of different planets were areas of lightness or heaviness throughout my body, very distinct in nature and often concentrated in one area such as the xiphoid process (also associated with the third chakra) but sometimes moving slightly, say from the left side to the right side of my neck. As we progressed through the session and Megan would get my feedback after a segment of sound(s) had finished playing, she would adjust the frequencies and add different ones; she would corroborate what I was feeling with what she was feeling, which was nearly always in tune or in sync with me—a phenomenon which I found interesting because we are a few thousand miles away from each other. However, thinking about it some more, I get a sense that it was more likely that our souls, which are not bound by the same four dimensional constraints as our bodies yet intricately linked to them, were somehow communicating with each other and transmitting information back and forth. After each session, I would feel lighter and issues that would come to the fore through Megan became 'homework' or things that I would concentrate my energy and work on before the next session. Overall—and this is very much based on my personal experience—I felt the InnerSynastry method seems to be effective in bringing out things that I needed to work on and helped put them in perspective, even sometimes giving me focus in my daily life to watch out for those 'homework' issues and find a reasonable solution to them.❞ ~Nima, Los Angeles, CA

“Working with Megan and the planetary sound healing was a special experience for me. I have been studying  astrology for most of my life, and am always practicing with different techniques of  how to work with planetary energies. Before the session I was unsure about what it would be like. During the session I found myself dropping into a very deep and calm meditative space. I found the variations of sounds to illicit different feelings and sensations as we progressed through the session, which were sometimes slightly intense, yet it never felt uncomfortable nor unpleasant. I found myself enjoying the sounds and the sensations my body experienced during this. Afterwards, I felt a strong sense of inner connection and peace for quite some time. “ ~Channing, Vedic Astrologer

❝My experience with InnerSynastry was powerful and had lasting effects. Megan guided me into a very calm, relaxed space where I could easily connect with the different sounds she played. Each tone produced a specific feeling within me and had corresponding images, colors and words associated with it. Certain sounds felt really good while others were more challenging, sorrowful or heavy. Tones of the planets were played in three different ten-minute segments with time in between to integrate. During each session, I experienced numerous images, words, colors and went into a meditative state watching my internal experience. After the sound healing, Megan discussed with me what my experiences might have meant in correlation with my astrological chart. I was really moved by how much the different sounds and harmonics affected me. I knew that the vibrations were bringing about more awareness of myself and showing me what I need to be working on in my life right now. ❞~Jenna, Nursing School Student and Midwifery Apprentice 

"The sounds were intriguing and I found myself being caught up in the whole process. Though I still don't fully understand it, the process made a big impression on me, and Megan's interpretations were right on target. I think she is on to something!"~Cindy, Graphic Designer

❝I wasn’t aware of planet sounds or vibrational energies concerning them until I found Megan. I’ve always been aware that all things in life are interconnected, and I find a beauty and a peace in that knowledge. Megan’s extensive knowledge in astrology and now integrating the planet sound aspect in a very real way, along with her low key approach to explaining these things, put me at ease with trying something new.


I was eager for my session with Megan. I went into this experience being open. I found it interesting how my body felt with each new sound being presented. None of the sounds were uncomfortable or unpleasant. I liked some more than others. There were a few that I felt very grounded to. At the end, using all of my information including my birth chart, astrology , the questionnaire and my response to these planet sounds, Megan brought it all together in a summary for me. I felt calm and was more focused after I left the session. I actually tackled a few small projects that had been on a to-do list for awhile. I look forward to another session with Megan. She’s gifted in this.❞ ~Kaye, Business Owner

"I experienced both a group session then an individual session. Since I am a musician, in the group session my instinct was to hear the sounds as tones in a musical universe. Oh, I hear a fifth!  There's a tenth, and now a fourth, etc. The tones all were pleasant or at least interesting, as I recall. I don't remember anything being particularly disturbing. The follow-up individual session gave me a more personal perspective. I focused on how I was experiencing the sound and did not try to analyze the tones as music. I could sense different chakras being affected by one or another sound. The tell-tale part of the session came toward the end, when one sound was particularly unpleasant and annoying to me.  As it turned out, that sound corresponded to Jupiter in a difficult planetary alignment in my chart.  Megan has suggested further sessions to see if we could 'unlock' the Jupiter situation with balancing/harmonious frequencies.  I am intrigued with this way of working and plan to pursue it further.  Megan is a pleasant person to work with, and I am happy to recommend her to anyone else interested in combining astrology with planetary sound vibrations." ~AA, Senior Performer

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