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All that’s needed—an open mind

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Skeptical about astrology? Not a problem

Anyone who knows me or is familiar with InnerSynastry may be surprised that I’m a bit hesitant to write about astrology. The planets are my passion, and I love to share that enthusiasm with others. InnerSynastry wouldn’t exist without my knowledge of astrology because the insights for InnerSynastry—namely how to help people find balance through sound—came to me through astrological language.

Yet, I want to make sure InnerSynastry participants understand—astrology is simply MY passion. I don’t expect it to be others’. It fits with the way my brain works. It helps me understand the complexity of the world and then articulate that to others. Most importantly, it’s a way to access intuitive information, and hone in on what’s most pressing to tell clients. I can assess the ideal timing for them to take action, and give them a clue as to when they might feel some relief from a certain issue. Before astrology, I had little grasp about when to move forward on insights and visions. Now I do.

When in a sound session, I only explain astrology if it’s of interest to the participant. While I may use astrological terms to describe energies, these words are just a way to explain vast topics that are difficult to convey. I appreciate how the same concepts can be explained using stories, myths and language that are in other cultural traditions and religions, so I invite clients and readers to translate what I’ve explained into whatever belief system most resonates with them and share that with me. Over time, I might be able to explain concepts using their preferred words.

I’m reminded of how a wise friend once suggested I suspend all belief systems and efforts to understand the world, and instead just meditate—discovering what is real for me, rather than seeing reality through the lens of someone’s interpretation. Thankfully, my lifestyle and business are structured such that I have many moments throughout the day—whether I’m doing yoga, gardening, cleaning the greenhouse, or coloring landscape designs—to fall into a meditative state. Sure, many times I do end up divining astrological information during those moments, but for the most part I’m just noticing what’s already there. I may use astrology to explain the unseen and suggest points of growth or resolution, but what’s most important is that I’m simply in touch with the subconscious.

Awareness comes first. Finding the most effective language or belief system to share and explain is secondary, and is always evolving and changing with the times. At the same time, I recognize that belief systems are indeed powerful, as the reality we create is dependent on our beliefs. I may draw on myths, religious stories or quantum physics theories just as a way to open up clients’ imagination so they see reality in a different way. Otherwise they could stay stuck on the treadmill of the same hardships over and again.

I incorporate astrology not just because it’s fascinating, but because when used appropriately, it can help people understand points of growth. While InnerSynastry sound sessions are important, what’s more so is how participants recognize the lessons they are grappling with, observe how these lessons are manifesting uniquely in their lives, and adjust their actions as necessary.

If you’re not drawn to astrology and have no interest in learning it, I hope you continue to read InnerSynastry articles. Try not to get stuck on the foreign terms, and simply “feel into” the concepts. By that I mean you can skim over words you don’t recognize and instead tap into your heart and intuition to understand the message—and hopefully grow from it.

Same goes for potential InnerSynastry clients. As long as you have an open mind, then this work can benefit you. I work with all sorts of people—including (and maybe especially) skeptics.

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