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all aspects of self

with sounds

of the

celestial cycles.



Why Try


At the minimum, participants report calming sensations and a meditative experience that is deeper, visual and less distracted with mental chatter than when sitting alone. At the most, clients experience major positive changes in their lives or deep purges soon following sessions. Still others gain valuable insights in their next direction in life. Each person’s reaction is unique, but the aim is increased balance, if not after the first session, then certainly after a few. Considering no other astrologer or sound healer (that we know of) is using these frequencies in such a unique combination, InnerSynastry is indeed experimental. The method is at the very least intriguing, and has the potential to be quite powerful.



New to InnerSynastry? You should probably start here. This selection includes three separate hour-long sessions for a total of $120. Price includes an in-depth analysis o...
Introductory Three
1 h
If you've already been working for many years on improving your health and refining your inner self, and feel like you have "graduated" from multiple forms of alternative...
Inner Luster
1 h
Highly Sensitive Person is the term coined by Elaine Aron, Ph.D, for those who have a deep, complex inner life; who process information deeply; and who are overwhelmed ea...
Especially for Sensitives
1 h
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