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What is a session like?

All you do is sit in complete receptivity, with attention on your breath. Meanwhile, Megan creates sounds that are associated with the planets in varying combinations and volumes. By studying your birth chart—which is essentially a map of the sky when you were born—she can discern which parts of yourself need the most help cooperating, or in other words, integrating. Megan also feels into her own intuitive guidance to gauge which sounds and what volumes feel best to you. You are the one who is directing the transformation as you are the captain of your own ship, yet Megan is assisting in a subtle and non-obtrusive way.

What does InnerSynastry mean?


Synastry is a chart that astrologers create to explain the dynamics between two people with the aim of helping them understand each other to become better companions. InnerSynastry is about becoming better companions with ourselves.


On a deeper level, as we become more and more aware that we are all intimately connected subconsciously, to say that any of us have a birth chart that is separate from others is only half the truth. When we work on our own inner dynamics, we are in fact improving on our synastry, i.e. our relationships, with all who surround us.

about megan, your SOUND facilitator

At the time of the “Great American Eclipse “of August 2017, Megan began receiving insights about the societal shift that had occurred, one that had been building for many years. Through an astrological lens, Megan learned how the active side of ourselves, or our “yang” to use a term from ancient philosophy, should come in balance with our receptive side, or “yin,” so that all aspects of ourselves are expressed and nurtured.


This societal shift could mean substantial changes to the human qualities that bring material success. We need to be more in touch with our softer, intuitive, slower side (yin) to see fruition of dreams. Our drive, logic and speed (yang) is best used to serve and protect the needs of the disadvantaged, which includes the yin side of ourselves. If we’re pushing agendas for purely selfish reasons, then we’ll likely see a backlash, which was apparent when all the secrets came to light about misused power and abuse in the workplace throughout the end of 2017. Our yang side is still very important, but it is best used to help express and boost the yin. Furthermore, our yin side often needs reshaped and reformed so that it can show itself in the purest, most effective way possible.


The rise of the yin is not a new idea—spiritual communities have discussed it for decades. Many interpret the ancient Mayan calendar ending December 2012 as part of this shift. Certainly not all societies throughout the world overtly praise the yang—some living cultures, such as the Balinese, are well-known for encouraging a balanced self. However, what is unique about Megan’s insights is that they are in the language of astrology, which she has been studying passionately since 2013, as well as colored by Taoism, a philosophy she’s been drawn to for most her life.


Megan uncovered concrete tools to help people through this shift, so that they can experience energies that are associated with various planets differently as they unify aspects of themselves. She plays sounds of planet frequencies in varying volumes and combinations depending on what is going on in the sky now and at the time of the person’s birth. These frequencies were determined by mathematicians who discovered that through the cosmic octave principle, it is possible to convert the whole solar system into sound based on an equation using the elliptical orbits of planets.


Astrology is simply a language for describing the seasons in an extremely complex and in-depth way, well beyond spring, summer, fall and winter. In gaining a feel for the “seasons” we were born in as well as the ones we’re currently in, we can better understand ourselves as well as find more grace and ease. With the use of sound, InnerSynastry can be useful to all types of people, regardless if they resonate with astrology. The point of this work is to help clients transition to a society that favors balance, equity and harmony.


Megan has known that she holds the capacity for facilitating others’ inner transformation ever since 2004 when she became aware of how much access she has to the unseen realms. But it took years of self-care and exploration into alternative healing modalities, such as acupuncture, massage, herbs and a careful diet, to reach the point to be able to offer these services professionally. While helping others has been a consistent piece of Megan’s diverse career—which includes farming, garden coaching, landscape designing, coordinating and writing for mission-driven organizations—she was hesitant in entering any therapeutic work outright until she had a handle on the senses that were emerging inside of her that extend beyond the typical five. During that time, she trained with energetic healers, herbalists, and astrologers, and is especially influenced by astrological philosophies such as evolutionary (Steven Forrest), transpersonal (Eric Meyers), and shamanic (Donna Woodwell). Megan is particularly drawn to modern astrologers who recognize that this ancient science is changing as we discover we live in a multiverse where time and space is quite different than how we typically experience it on a day-to-day basis. Megan has also developed a strong sense of ethics as she has compared how various healers communicate with clients and interact with them in the subconscious realms.


When first starting InnerSynastry, a memory from graduate school came to mind, when her class visited a Native American reservation, and she asked a water healer how he learned to heal. He seemed to dismiss the question, responding, “You cannot learn it from a book.” Megan was taken aback by his short answer, wondering, does he think I am incapable of grasping the answer? Yet looking back at how life unfolded over the next 15+ years, it’s as if something or someone heard her question to the water healer, and has been following her on her journey, teaching her all along. First, she got a handle on her own empathic disposition. And then as an owner of a plant nursery, she learned to care for thousands of babies, each with their unique needs. She is constantly making slight adjustments to their environment based on their feedback. That is essentially what she is doing with InnerSynastry—adjusting conditions ever so subtly so that her clients can grow to their full potential.


The water healer she met at the start of her journey was exactly right—you can’t learn this in a book. And there’s few words to be able to describe how it is learned or what exactly is happening. Experience a session, and you’ll see.

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